Camping in the rain with kids

campfire with kids

Yep…we went camping most of the weekend in the rain with the kids. The forecast didn’t look all that hot when we left, but we decided to play the odds and give it a go anyway. We remodeled our camper and it is so cozy inside so spending more time inside sounded just fine. For it to be a complete wash of a full day in Michigan is somewhat rare. I guess we lived through the rare this weekend. I do highly suggest not camping in mostly dirt when it is mostly raining. On top of all the rain our son just got out of a full leg cast and as the doctor predicted…he is not walking…at all now. We are pushing him around in a stroller everywhere and doing a lot of lifting. So my list of tips of things I thought our kids could do got smushed a bit by his disability. The one thing the kids did a lot of in the rain was swim. Duck Creek RV Resort had a great hot tub and pool set up for parents and kids without a doubt! We definitely stayed at a campground with all the bells and whistles this time so the kids had wifi to watch their tablets inside and there was an arcade and covered pavilion with ice cream and pizza. We made the most of it all and of the days it cleared up most of the afternoon/evening. We were able to have campfires and go on the hayrides, use the playground and bike. I should rephrase that our daughter was able to bike while we pushed a stroller. Daddy rocked his tie dye shirt the kids made him for Father’s Day and his first pair of croc shoes our son was sure he needed. All in all, camping in the rain with the kids turned out to be a fun time.

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