For the Love of Dirt

My hard drive hums along as I pour through photos from yesterdays big adventures in the wild of nature. Everyday is an adventure with a toddler, but somehow when I relive the moments after I’m well rested they become even more special. While I throughly love the fresh air, dirt, woods, muddy puddles and all things bugs there are moments all I can think of is a nap. There are so many photos of our every day life I don’t document in this place. Considering it is winter though and I am doing mainly design work I thought I would share just a small snippet. It’s nothing spectacular. It’s not an elaborate designed shoot Martha Stewart would take a second look at, but these are the moments I cherish the most in this journey of motherhood. I get often asked about Isabella modeling or brand repping or if she has her own instagram and twitter. It’s no surprise I do have a flair for online fashion, small shops, boutique clothes and big bows, but her sweet snapshots looking like an angel are just that…a quick snapshot of her looking her best that day. She is a dirt loving tom girl and I love that about her spirit. She’s a wild child who loves muddy puddles and taking her puppy on power wheel rides. A lot of mothers would cringe as she smears mud all over her clothes, but I never want to taint that innocence in her. Life is so messy sometimes and sometimes when I look at her I think how much more simple life would be if we could find such joy in such a mess too. Childhood is so amazing. It’s fascinating to experience it through the eyes of a toddler. It leaves for a tired mom at the end of the day cleaning up some messes, but I think it’s worth it in the end.

And we are pretty obsessed with doing nail polish right now.

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