Little Lumberjack Turns One

And just like that our little Jaxson is a year old already. I just love this kid. He’s my easy, peasy, socialite waving at strangers by day and sleeping all night! It has been a really great year. It is fun watching Isabella become a big sister, and fun watching the kids begin to play together. Life with this kid is completely different than life with his sister. I feel like I ran on a wonderful high after his birth since it was such a great experience. I was terribly worried about recovery and PPD, and to be honest a really all around awful first year since that was my experience with my first, but I am so thankful things did not go this way the second time around. While we are done having children, I would take three of this kid. He was done partying by 7pm from his birthday party…and off to bed for the night, just like the day he was born. I feel so blessed to have a sleeper! Happy first year, bubba!

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