Baby Ty | Newborn Lifestyle Photos

I was so excited when Becca invited me over to do newborn lifestyle photos of her new, precious little bundle of a baby boy! Boys are something special for sure. She has been posting such adorable photos of him on social media so to meet him in person was such a treat. He is so squishy and scrunchy and tiny.

Kate and Annie are the best big sisters of all time. They have such a love for their new baby brother, and look at him so lovingly in admiration, but are so sweet and gentle with him. They did such an amazing job of holding him for photos and their smiles were out of this world! Momma did some practicing with them! It was fun catching up with their auntie Melissa as well who did a fabulous job on their hair.

We did some lifestyle newborn photos of baby ty in Becca’s home as well as some outdoors in the yard to get a good variety. In either setting I love all the baby details of the little feet and momma holding him. Ty did pretty good considering we definitely moved him around a lot and his sisters were loving on him throughout. I’m sure he was exhausted after his big photo shoot. We managed to get a lot of photos taken in a really short amount of time. We didn’t do much posing, but focused mainly on the siblings with their new baby brother.

Becca is such a great mom raising such a fierce tribe. I’m so happy for her to have both her girls and a baby boy now too! It was an honor to do these lifestyle newborn photos at their home. Newborn babies always seem to take my breath away at how tiny and mighty they are at the same time. The time just goes so quickly.

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