Some weekend fun with the animals! If it isn’t obvious, I absolutely love animals!!! This puppy is the cutest dog ever, so full of personality, and he and the cats are best buddies! I love to watch how animals interact and take care of each other. They may not speak, but they sure say so much through what they do. Makes me wonder sometimes, if I did not speak I might be more careful about what I do. Animals don’t have a chance to justify through words, actions are all they have so it’s neat to see what they say.:)

Hmmmm, not so sure about you with that camera….

This is a z-donk (zebra/donkey). I love the country. This is my idea of photo walking! Some people like fire hydrants and beat up alley ways, but I just love nature!

These are my little cousins. They are just too cute. Typical boys being boys. Sweet and innocent here, until they crashed to the ground!

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