Sensory Play on a Snowy Day

I don’t know about you, but my toddler lives by the motto, “The messier the better!” While play doh is fun for a bit, she is really into her painting, and all around just making a mess really! If it feels kinda gross it is amazing. When winter set in here in Michigan we headed to the craft store and stocked up. I decided to make a couple of sensory bins for her and see how she liked them. We made one with sand and rocks and farm animals and a barn. We also made one with water beads and fish and ducks. It helps we we rotate activities. It had been awhile since she played with the sea creatures so it kept her quite busy yesterday!

Isabella has also been quite busy dragging around our smallest yorkie, Lily. I thought we were out of the woods after she learned how to behave around them and be nice to them, but now she thinks Lily is her cat and drags her everywhere. If only the dog wasn’t 10 years old right?! She’s busy photographing Kippy, like mother like daughter, and putting him in her tent and wrapping him in blankets. She’s quite the photographer already with her tripod and says, “Now I say cheese and take you pitcher!”

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