Winter Wonderland

As I was driving today, I couldn’t help but be overtaken by how beautiful everything was with all the snow dripping off the branches and the grasses. It was and is a sight to behold. Christmas is such a busy time and while I tried so hard to take time out to rest in Jesus, I was only left wanting more, but thankful for His grace in always meeting me where I am. Yesterday I photographed a family who is loosing their mother. I took this couples wedding photos this past July and her mother was just fine, but she was diagnosed with lou gehrig’s disease and is quickly loosing all mobility and in a wheel chair. Through mumbles as her daughter listened intently she asked for her lip gloss so she could look pretty for the pictures and my heart just continued to break little by little. While the family is trying to remain joyful, I was reminded of how quickly our life is here on earth and how in the blink of an eye the ones we love most could be gone. Every. Moment. Counts.

My favorite one today. A quiet walk.

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