Our Partnership With Wish Bone Pet Rescue

Jamie Brokus of Color Splash Studio is partnering with Wish Bone Pet Rescue in an effort to raise awareness in finding loving homes for pets in needs. “I have a huge passion for animals,” says Brokus, “I have a rescue animal of my own and would love to see as many animals as possible go to loving homes.” Brokus will be photographing featured pets each month who are up for adoption and the photos will be on display in the adjoining entrance way of Color Splash Studio and State Farm Insurance on Trowbridge Street. Along with the photo display this space will also serve as a donation site for food pantry items for Wish Bone. Color Splash Studio will be offering a $25 print credit with any donation for Wish Bone’s food pantry program. In addition to the photos being used by Wish Bone to help get pets adopted, the new pet owners will also receive a free portrait of their new pet. “We are so excited to partner with a local business in an effort to raise awareness of our organization. Allegan is our backyard and many people are unaware of our pet rescue. Jamie has such an amazing eye and people will be overjoyed to have professional photos by her,” says Susan Smith of Wish Bone. Brokus plans to start with the portraits for now, but possibly expand into offering pet greeting cards and an album of adopted pet stories with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Wish Bone. “The most enjoyable and relaxing thing for me to photograph is animals,” says Brokus, “why not use that outlet to assist a local organization looking to raise more funding and awareness?”

Based in the Saugatuck area, Wish Bone’s goal is to provide rescue and rehabilitation services to animals in need, as well as public education about subjects such as spaying and neutering, breeding, and neglect. Their greatest wish is to provide hope and alternatives for abused and abandoned animals, and greatly reduce the number of future cases. You can learn more about the organization at www.wishbonepetrescue.com

4 year old Female Flat Coat Retriever Mix
45 lbs
Current in Vaccinations, Spayed, Micro-chipped

Sweet Girl! Loves attention and will give kisses endlessly. Enjoys riding in a car, chewing on nyla bones, and a romp with fellow dog companions. Excellent with cats. Very sensitive soul, good with absolutely everyone, both two and four legged.

Cassie was a constant companion to her elderly owner who developed Altzheimers. Walks well on a leash, fully house broken. Does not have any bad habits in the home. Does chase wildlife, so she needs a fenced yard. No electric fences. Would benefit from basic obedience so that she can be trusted off leash. She has worked hard in her short life being a caregiver for her elderly owner. Wishbone is looking for a companion family for Cassie, not a family that will require her to be main caretaker. Grooming Care: Daily brushing if possible. Long thick coat. Loves to be brushed. Does shed.

5 year old Male Rat Terrier
15 lbs.
Current in Vaccinations, Neutered, Micro-chipped

Energetic! Loves to play and RUN and would be great at agility or as a running companion. Want a cuddler? Martin enjoys a good cuddle on the couch or bed. Martin wants to always please!

Needs a fenced yard, no electric fences. No small children since Martin does do mouth play and could be misunderstood as a bite.

Gets along with most dogs after initial introduction. Will play with dogs if it does not get too aggressive. Good with cats, but will do a chase if cats run.

Likes to chew, will grab clothes or bedding if able. Will chew nyla bones for entertainment. Fully house trained and walks well on a leash. Would benefit from a basic dog obedience class. Grooming Care: Very short coat, little brushing needed. Toe nails do require regular trimming.

The wonderful Susan and Michelle of Wish Bone. I had such a wonderful time with these ladies. The time and energy they put into caring for animals is just awesome!

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