Sunflower Photos

sunflower photos in south haven mi

I had a senior last week who was wanting to combine her South Haven beach photo session with sunflower photos too, so I went on a hike and found a new field! It is absolutely stunning to say the least. I had to come back the next day with my own kids to capture some sunflower photos of them. Finding this gorgeous hidden gem was definitely exciting. It’s always fun discovering new photo spots that are untouched. Everyone, including the dog, had a fun time running around in this beautiful field.

Not sure if I ever introduced our new puppy, Peaches, on the blog either so here she is! She is a cavapoo and about 7 months old now. We love her so much and she has been the perfect addition to our family. The kids are smitten and we got her so young that they are just growing up together. Obviously she is used to being handled by kids by now. They cart her all over the place and she is lost without them. They are “her people”. She did great for her first “official” sunflower photo shoot. The kids are as goofy as ever, especially my son who is so full of it. His dimples are his only saving grace.

I debated opening up pop up minis for sunflower photos, but I think I will leave it as an individual booking. If you want sunflower photos contact me asap as they have a week maybe two left in this field! It is in South Haven so a change of pace from the traditional spots around here that are usually used. Stay tuned for the senior pics coming that I took in the field too. Nothing prettier than sunflower happiness to signal the end of the summer and welcome to autumn.

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