Camping at Mitchell State Park

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We went camping at Mitchell State Park in Cadillac, MI last week. We had some rain again but it wasn’t a total wash. I had heard good things about how much there was for the kids to do at this park and we happened to get in on a site right on the canal so Ryan could bring his boat to go fishing! It was pretty fun being right on the canal.

I will say that when they say this park is right through town, it is indeed right through town and the traffic is so loud. If they could pluck this park out away from the road it would obviously be much more of a gem. We spent a lot of time riding our bikes down the trail on the other side to the boat launch to a beautiful playground and park on the beach. It is pretty neat that you can walk right under the bridge though over to the other lake and also be on a beach. Our kids swim rain or shine so they always have a good time doing that.

Camping at Mitchell State Park all in all was a fun time. There is a cute ice cream shop if you follow the bike trail down the busy road so we did that a couple of times too. We were right across from the Carl T Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center and the kids actually found it to be very interesting. I was surprised how much time we spent in there! It’s a neat place to visit. Kids had fun doing all the camping things and even though the traffic was a bit much camping is always relaxing!

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