I was so honored when the Godfrey family approached me to take photos of their children and grandchildren on the family farm. The farm house is going to be moved back 70 feet from its original foundation onto a new foundation as the old one is crumbling. Jack & Maureen will continue to live on the farm. The renovations and addition to the existing home will allow more space for their ever expanding family. I had such a fun time with them and I hope I captured some photos that they will cherish and look to for years to come as they remember their childhood on the farm. It was fun to reminisce with the kids as they told stories of things that happened in their childhood. When Maureen first sat down with me and was describing the farm, I had a feeling I had taken photos of this farm before, so I went through my archives and sure enough, I had stopped along side of the road and taken photos of this farm last April! Apparently it was meant to be!!

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