Studio Space Update

Proud to report, that we have been busy at work and have now remodeled the second half of the studio! We are working on a lovely changing area for our clients and now have 600+ more square feet to serve you! Here is part two of the progress.

Yes, this is what we started with, but there were more cubicle dividers. Just lovely, isn’t it?

Lots and lots of primer!

And now for the paint!

And yes, the new floor! This area feels so nice, airy and spacious now! Still working on rearranging things and setting them up, but boy has it come a long way! We now have a lovely, usable space! Thank you so much for those who helped me do this because I definitely couldn’t do it alone!!!


January 18, 2010

It continues to be a work in progress, but thanks to the wonderful people around me to support me this space has come a long way! I’m so very excited to see it all come together. It is feeling like home now. This building is very old. There are remains of the diner in the basement from World War II and an old TV repair shop. There are so many treasures to be found. It has been an accounting office for the past 25+ years and the old brick was covered with paneling. Yes, lots of beautiful brown paneling, wallpaper and commercial blue carpet. We were able to restore some of the brick. Unfortunately the tin ceiling is in shambles and the floor couldn’t be recovered, but I love how it has all come together! There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and an open house on Friday, February 19th from 5pm – 7pm. The studio location is at 202 Trowbridge Street in Allegan. I look forward to seeing new and old faces alike!

Before and after of the front main shooting area. Wallpapered paneling was torn down to reveal the natural brick. Trimmed out the window and built a ledge. Thank you to my wonderful father, John, Paul and my mommy for all of your hard work on this whole space!


Four roll seamless paper holder – for all you dyi photogs out there looking for a solution. I LOVE it!


Replaced the wood door with a glass one to attract foot traffic from the office next door.


The waiting and proofing area. LOVE my orange couches!

A few more views. Little tut tut tucked herself way in the back room to take a little nap in John’s “good” clothes.

My super awesome chairs purchased from the antique store in town. They went into storage and got some water damage so I had them reupholstered.


The super talented and fabulous Cathy Boysen painting the logo and designs on the windows.



My office. So much history. The desks were pulled out of the barn and repainted. They were once in my grandfather’s office downtown. Still working on photos, but the old windows, used as frames, were also from my grandparents house.


Kip enjoying the new ledge and wondering what in the world is going on!

This phone also used to be in my grandfather’s office.

First photos as I tested out where I wanted to shoot.

Kip is my right hand man. Always ready to be my test model. Love him to pieces!!!

The theatre across the street. I love Allegan. My parents first date was at this theatre. It has seen quite the history, from being a horse livery stable to a buick garage. Here is a little history:

The Old Regent Theatre is a film & non-film events theater, with an authentic 1930’s aura, inside and out. It was restored the first time in 1996, and again in 1997, in its Art deco 1930’s style, made popular at the 1925 World’s Fair.  The Theatre also has its original 20 x 30 screen, one of the biggest screens in Michigan; a bonus to the film lover, whether watching newly released films or classics of yesteryear.  The historic panels in the red seat auditorium were recreated and the original 1930’s red carpeting was restored.

The building which houses the Old Regent Theatre has been transformed and renewed throughout the years to meet the needs of the community. It was originally built to be a horse livery stable back in the late 1800’s.  In 1902, the building was transformed into a buick garage. In 1919, the building became a vaudeville theater, and a silent movie house as well. Inspired by the World’s Fair, the theater was given a face-lift in the 1930’s, and redone in the Art Deco style and reopened mainly as a film theater.

One source reports that because of “a series of failed operational attempts,” this theatre was abandoned during the 1980’s, a crummy shell of what it once was during its heyday in the 1930’s. As no one stepped forward to buy this really woe-be-gone fixer upper opportunity, it had a date with the wrecking ball in 1990. Lucky for us all,  a non-profit organization, The Old Regent Theatre Company  came to the rescue, and began the long process of restoring this theatre to its 1930 glory days.

The Old Regent Theatre had its grand reopening in 1996, once again showing films and hosting events for the benefit of the public.  Then, in 1997, a heart-breaking disaster struck. A violent rain storm caved in the roof, ruining the inside of the theater. The miracle was that it happened just 1 hour after the theater had closed for the night, and no one was hurt.

The city of Allegan stepped up to the plate this time, and paid off the remaining morgage of 18,000 dollars. With the help from various state and local grants, the pain-staking process of reparing and restoring once again the Old Regent Theatre began and was completely restored for the second time.

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Cindy January 18, 2010 - 11:36 pm

Love it ~ Love it ~ Love it!!!!! The before and after photos are great! The kids on the ladder are a riot:-)

Carol Greene January 19, 2010 - 6:56 am

Your studio is absolutely beautiful. I wish you every success and happiness! Keep up the blog!

Riverbend #66

Kimberly Gorr (LaBar) January 19, 2010 - 10:45 am

Love it! Can’t wait to come see it. Love the pic of the theatre too.

Marilyn Stokes January 19, 2010 - 3:53 pm

Hi Jamie!

Absolutely beautiful! It is refreshing to know that you are bringing a part of your family History to your business. I wish you much success and happiness.

I have a new addition to my family, her name is Smudgy she is an Imperial Shit’zu…Diva is a wonderful big sister to her, she just doesn’t like to share…check her out on Face book.

Be safe and most important have fun!

Marilyn & Girls (Diva & Smudgy)

ant b January 19, 2010 - 5:53 pm

WOW WOW WOW!!! Congratulations!!!
Your open house states Friday, Jan 19???? But today is January 19! ooooops.
Did I miss it? hope it wwent well!!!

Once aagain: COngRAtuLatiOns!!!!!

I’m so proud of your accomplishment!

kisses an hugs
ant b

Don & Judy January 19, 2010 - 7:57 pm

Jamie –
What a great accomplishment! “Wow” pictures – both those of the studio and the babies.

Your well on your way to a very successful career, and one which you obviously love!

Don & Judy – and Emma, too!

Lee January 22, 2010 - 3:03 am

Knew you were creative but this is over the top. Glad you got things done so you culd share Mom & Dad with us!

Stay warm and have a wonderful Open House.


Katie (Ward) Hendricks January 23, 2010 - 9:10 am


Fantastic job. How exciting for you!! I will have to stop in and say “hello” next time I am in Allegan!

Great work!!

Fallien January 26, 2010 - 11:31 am


I’m so excited for you, this looks amazing!!!


GLENDA ROGERS January 26, 2010 - 10:29 pm


Marta Corey February 1, 2010 - 8:22 am

What talent!! Now get down here to sunny Florida and share the love!

I wish you all the best,


Molly Dollahan February 3, 2010 - 3:44 pm

WOW Jamie!

I’m so excited for you! What a great workspace, and so many details & the surroundings have such meaning & history!

Really look forward to seeing it! Enjoy!

PS: Loved the dogs on the ladder, LOL!

Sandy Brenner February 11, 2010 - 6:57 am

Really like what you have done with your studio. Adding furniture from your Grandpa Brokus’ office makes it extra special. Love the picture of the kids on the ladder. There must be a contest somewhere that you can enter that photo. Wishing you the very best. Sandy

Jen C February 19, 2010 - 8:52 pm

Your studio looks amazing, Jamie! I’m looking forward to finding some time to check it out in person–and to another round of photos with you once Cadel gets a little older!

Faith Wicklund March 12, 2010 - 5:44 am

AMAZING showcase of your talents. Love the exposed brick wall and historic heirloom pieces. Brilliant use of color. Thanks for sharing the Regent Theatre history. I want to hang out in this space!

livelybrowsers October 19, 2010 - 1:58 pm

Thanks for good stuff

roclafamilia October 21, 2010 - 11:52 am

Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

gullyReodonog August 19, 2011 - 6:05 am

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CurtyCurt January 24, 2012 - 3:20 pm

AMAZING!!! Congratulations Jamie! You are one of a kind 🙂


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