Family Getaway at Bavarian Inn of Frankenmuth

We took a little getaway weekend to the Bavarian Inn this weekend. We have never been to an indoor waterpark/hotel before, but decided with Isabella being 2.5 now we should give it a try….and join the rat race of millions of other kids and parents. All in all it was a really fun weekend. I was amazed how late everything is open and going. I felt like it was a casino for kids, which is pretty awesome really. As a parent I really appreciated being able to drink while swimming, playing games and chasing my toddler around. It’s no surprise that the coffee bar with alcohol was the biggest hit for me. For Isabella I would say the light up dolphin ride was one of her favorites, and the pool with the waterfall and shooting guns. We had a great weekend running around. Of course we didn’t make it out without yet another stuffed set of kitties. We are starting to call Izzy the “crazy cat lady”.


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